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2015 CSR Report

Smart thinking

Innovations and smart ideas meeting the needs of customers and contemporary realities will determine the future of the energy market. Apator participates in their creation and implementation.

Smart metering and smart grid are the future of the power industry. We provide innovative systems, equipment and services for an effective and safe operation of the smart power grid. We are an intelligent organisation, that is why we act and we develop in a sustainable way.

Our values

Corporate values set standards for our operations. Thanks to its values, Apator expands and makes a profit in harmony with its surroundings and in line with employees' preferences as well as customers', business partners' and owners' expectations.

  • Nowadays, customers and their satisfaction are of the greatest importance; therefore, I believe that flexibility to adjust products to the highest requirements of customers is an important feature of our company.

    Łukasz, software developer
  • As a designer, I consider technical competencies supported by long experience to be the most important value. When I came to Apator shortly after completing my studies, I only had theoretical knowledge. Fortunately, my senior colleagues were open and willing to share their knowledge with me. Thanks to that I was able to learn the secrets of switching devices. My colleagues could also count on the support of senior employees. Such multi-generation experience is a positive value to each young employee.

    Jakub, designer engineer
  • Openness and frankness that form the basis for good relationships with customers and partners are one of the most important values of Apator. Openness allows the company to look at the needs of employees, customers and partners creatively and to meet their expectations. It is the basis for the dialogue. It manifests itself with understanding and support at different stages of cooperation. Frankness means respect for employees, customers and partners and in consequence fulfilling contracts, meeting deadlines, keeping promises and acting in the best interests of "other people".

    Iza, quality controller
  • Reliability - it is the basis for the business. The development of the company may be hindered if it does not establish long-term relations; reliability is the foundation for good relations with customers, contractors and the entire business environment.

    Paweł, marketing specialist
  • Flexibility is crucial for me - in the constantly changing world, one has to quickly adapt to changes. Those who don't do that lag behind. A constant change is the only certain thing in life, both of a human being and a company. Thanks to the commitment of employees and managers supporting them, Apator is constantly moving forward, changing and adjusting to new conditions, new environment, new markets and new challenges.

    Mariusz, IT specialist
  • The most important corporate value is modernity. It is a key to competitiveness which imposes the pace of changes in technology. An enterprise capable of introducing changes can stay in the market. Effectiveness of a company depends on competences, management skills and adopted strategies. Modernity refers to introducing new products and production methods, searching for and acquiring new markets. Modernity ensures the company's success and translates into profits.

    Małgorzata, production processes improvement technician
  • Biznes

    We create smart metering solutions and technologies for the smart power grid. We develop to be able to meet our customers' needs to an even greater extent.

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  • Employees

    Our smart solutions are developed by specialised, competent and committed employees. We take special care to ensure that their workplace is creative and safe.

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  • Environment

    We use resources in a reasonable manner, we supply environmentally friendly and safe products. We implement energy efficient solutions.

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  • Local community

    We feel a part of the local community, therefore we support cultural and artistic community and we implement initiatives promoting enthusiasts.

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List prezesa

Running a business in accordance with the highest standards of social responsibility is today one of the significant aspects supporting the realisation of our business goals.

Andrzej Szostak President of the Management Board of Apator SA

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Andrzej Szostak Andrzej Szostak

Key figures

  • 770 million PLN of revenues
  • 63 million PLN of net profit
  • 44% of revenues from export
  • sale to 70 countries
  • 19 companies in the group
  • 2 main business segments
  • 6 business lines
  • 2406 employees